About Us

Charline Mae
Started way back in 2002, q-dog.co.uk is a website specifically created for pet lovers. This site gives you access to informative content to get to know more about your dog and the right way of training your pet. From training tutorials to articles that provide you with the different tips and techniques that you can use to effectively train your pet, you will no longer have any difficulty in removing or correcting any unwanted behavior of your pet. Aside from these very useful content, we also feature unique and interesting videos of pets along with their masters which give you more reasons for those who don’t have any pet yet to finally have one. Get to access not just useful resources but even funny and unique videos where pet owners get to share their experiences with their pets.

Apart from the valuable resources that we offer to pet owners, we also provide you with the much needed professional services to help you in training your pet. Are you having a hard time teaching your pets with basic commands? We have trained and certified pet trainers who can handle the task. Rest assured that after the training sessions, you and your pet do not just get to have a stronger bond, you can also witness the huge difference. Our experienced trainers can provide you with assistance as to how you can effectively train your dog.

At q-dog.co.uk, we give you the latest news along with interesting videos, how to tips, training video tutorials to bring out your dog’s potential.